Motorsport Brakes now offer a brake bedding service.

Brake ‘pre-bedding’ is a way of doing the final preparation of the pad material, prior to heavy use – normally in competition conditions. The bedding process is effectively a final heat cycle that puts enough energy into the pads to ensure they reach a point of consistency required when you hit the track or stage!

The pre-bedding process also helps with reducing pad wear rates, and costs associated with bedding brakes at the track.

Motorsport brakes now offers machine bedding, so your brakes are supplied ready to run with minimal run in. The bedding service is the same used by top professional teams in Australia. 

The ultimate performance, consistency, and life of your brakes is more when using pre-bedded brake pads and discs. Bedding your own discs and pads on track can be difficult which can cause inconsistency and is time consuming.

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