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Product Update

Wilwood Brakes from the US are a worldwide brand and manufacture all components for aftermarket brake customers, including brake pads. These guys tend to use bespoke shapes in their calipers which me...
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New Product Release – Ford Mustang

The new Ford Mustang is pretty awesome in a lot of ways, brakes is not one of them! They do stop ok but when tested in a performance setting they begin to show weakness. So we have the answer! Contact...
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Brake Bedding Service

Motorsport Brakes now offer a brake bedding service. Brake 'pre-bedding' is a way of doing the final preperation of the pad material, prior to heavy use - normally in competition condidtions. The b...
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NEW Product Release – Subaru 2018 STi onward..

For the first time in many years, the Subaru STi has new calipers and all new pad shapes. The front caliper is a nice robust 6-pot version that takes a larger sized pad too! The rear is an all new sha...
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Product Release – CIRCO Brake Pads for HYUNDAI i30N

Hyundai's giant killing i30N has reset the hot hatch class with amazing performance and value. Now CIRCO have produced brake pads to fit the OE calipers and used with standard discs make the performan...
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NEW Product Release – TOYOTA SUPRA A90

The new Supra is here in Australia. The re-launch of the Supra badge will surely see these cars hitting the local tracks. We are excited to offer a brake pad upgrade whether you are cruising around to...
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