CIRCO P/L is an Australian owned company developing CIRCO Racing brake Pads for motorsport use. CIRCO pads are 100% manufactured in Japan to World Class standards and distributed around the globe. CIRCO Racing Brake Pads are proprietary compounds designed for specific applications and standards. The compound range is broad and covers all types of competition. CIRCO also produce OEM pad compounds for targeted applications for other manufacturers.

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Compound: Carbon Metallic   Friction: 0.48-0.51µ   Temp: 50-800°c

M119 is a specially formulated brake pad for gravel and tarmac rally use, as well as circuit racing where low temperature performance is required. The compound has been rigorously tested in top level machinery including WRC, S2000 and GpN as well as historic. M119 displays excellent resistance to fade for those longer stages and races, whilst offering brilliant levels of low temperature friction.

Compound: Carbon Metallic  Friction: 0.45 – 0.55  Temp range: 150 – 850degC

M127 is a pure circuit racing brake pad for enthusiast racers right through to semi-pro level. With some initial temperature introduced, this pad works right through to 850 degrees! High initial friction coupled with brilliant release characteristics mean this pad is for the drivers wanting to brake latest.

Compound: Carbon Metallic  Friction: 0.45-0.56µ  Temp: 250-920°c

M207 is the Heavy Duty brake pad in the CIRCO range. This pad has exceptionally consistent torque characteristics at all temperatures making it a must have for professional circuit racing at the very highest levels. M207 is extremely capable at higher temperatures where other compounds simply give up.