Brake Pads for Historic Race Cars

We know that Historic race cars are generally under-braked.. They tend to have smaller wheels hence small brakes, tend to be very fast and very heavy so end up struggling to pull up once some heat has been generated. One of the few solutions is to spend money on a top line racing brake pad compound to deal with all the temperatures being generated by these beast.

This is where problem no. 2 comes in.. you normally need to cut up some other pad shape to get them to fit your historic calipers. NO MORE!!

CIRCO Racing Brake Pads produce a range of original shape brake pads to suit almost all of the common historic pad shapes including Kelsey Hayes (Lincoln and Mustang), Volvo 4 pot, Jaguar 4 pot, Corvette single pin, Cortina, Capri and more!!

Click here for a link to a quick reference guide to the most popular pad shapes for Historic race cars, and for more contact us!



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