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Winmax W1 FRONT Pads - Brembo Lancer Evo 4 pot / WRX Sti / REDLINE

This is a main product short description

Compound: Non metal, organic.

Friction: 0.29 – 0.32.

Temp range: 0 – 450degC

Notes: Street use / OEM upgrade / Performance minded drivers / Not for track use

Winmax W1 brake pads are an organic based material suitable for performance street use. Low dust, Low noise properties make this pad popular for those looking to upgrade standard brake pads for something with some more oomph!

What you get:

1 part number = 1 set of pads. In most cases this is 4 pads per box. If your calipers take more than 2 pads per caliper (E.g Audi RS4), the part number you buy will include all the pads you need to service the axle set of calipers. Also included is bedding instructions to help you get the most out of your new pads.

WINMAX is the performance division of MK Kashiyama Corp. JAPAN. Winmax are manufacturers of high performance brake pads which are designed and produced primarily for high performance and motorsport. Established in 1960 in Japan, the Winmax brand has been recognized by many professionals as their premier choice of friction material across the globe.



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